Al's Bike Trip Journal

Fort Collins, Colorado to Connorsville, Wisconsin
August 17 - September 1, 2002.

These pages are based upon the journal I kept while riding.  Every evening I tried to take a few minutes to record some of the days events.  While preparing this, I have added a few stories that I didn't write down, and done a small amount of editing and wordsmithing, but for the most part I have tried to keep the flavor and style of a journal or daybook.  Below is a map which shows my route, and the nightly stops.

I took over 200 pictures while on this trip with a digital camera.  Most of them appear in the pages that follow, and you can click on any of the images to see a full-sized version, which is particularly useful for reading the historical markers.

Trip Summary:

I left on August 17, 2002, the day after my 39th birthday.  I was on the road for 16 days, which included two rest days, in Broken Bow, Nebraska and Cherokee, Iowa.  I traveled 970 miles, and climbed a total of approximately 29,000 feet.  My longest day was Day 1 (Fort Collins - Sterling), when I rode 110 miles, and the shortest non-rest day was Day 3 (Julesburg to Ogallala) when I rode 34 miles.  There was one day of rainy weather.

Day 1:   Fort Collins - Sterling
Day 2:   Sterling - Julesburg
Day 3:   Julesburg - Ogallala
Day 4:   Ogallala - North Platte
Day 5:   North Platte - Broken Bow
Day 6:   Rest Day in Broken Bow
Day 7:   Broken Bow - Spalding
Day 8:   Spalding - Norfolk
Day 9:   Norfolk - Onawa
Day 10: Onawa - Cherokee
Day 11: Rest day in Cherokee
Day 12: Cherokee - Wahpeton
Day 13: Wahpeton - St. James
Day 14: St. James - Faribault
Day 15: Faribault - Hudson
Day 16: Hudson - Connorsville

GPS track log with lat/log data points.  These are the data used to generate the blue line on the maps.

Map showing bike trip route