Photos from Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, Nov 17, 2001

Rocky Mountain National Park

Al on the Warm Rock, RMNP

Beaver pond in RMNP

Dewey Bridge Campground, Utah, Thanksgiving morning, Nov 22, 2001

Colorado River at Dewey Bridge campground

Canyonlands National Park, Needles District, Utah, Nov 22-25, 2001

Topo map showing GPS track of our hikes

Markey putting on her pack at Elephant Hill Trailhead, Thanksgiving afternoon

Markey at the beginning, all smiles

Al at the beginning

Markey looking at the scenerey from the first camp, Upper Elephant 1 after a rain

Markey overlooking Elephant Canyon

A closer view

Al at the overlook

Al hiking in the Joint Trail

Markey in the Joint Trail

Al photographing in the Joint Trail

Al and Markey together, Devil's Pocket in the background

Chesler Park

Chesler Park

Tent at Chesler Park

There was a warm breeze Saturday night, but this was the view from the tent Sunday Morning

Markey back at the trailhead, still all smiles :)